Open, collaborative networking accelerates scientific discovery. In few fields do speed and accuracy matter more than in biomedicine, where individual labs and clinics hold critical clues to life-saving therapies.

We have recently launched the Collaboration Platform — the first step toward testing the hypothesis that  (1) custom tools, (2) expert facilitation and (3) realigned incentives will result in authentic collaboration and more reliable and valuable outcomes. Key features of the platform are described below.

Modes of member interaction in our first pilot community, Sarcoma Central, are demonstrated in the video below. Here, clinical researchers and other healthcare professionals convene to discuss outcomes of clinical trials and insights from their own practices. Participants are seeking to better understand the biology and efficacy of experimental and approved therapies.

Image: Visualizing Scientific Collaboration / Andy Lamb

Key Features of Collaboration Platform (see also FAQs)

  • Share discussions, documents, spreadsheets, slide decks, videos, images, links, references
  • Filter activity feed by topic, content type, and personal postings
  • Exchange insights and questions securely with select individuals and groups
  • Join and form closed and open groups based on specialty topics, labs, trials, subcommittees, meetings etc.
  • Receive email updates when content is shared with you or your groups
  • Content bylines indicate which members and groups have permission to view/discuss
  • Update patient data as case evolves
  • Submit anonymized patient data in templates or free text to Cases Central database
  • Update patient data as case evolves


  • Convert uploaded pdfs and Word documents to HTML
  • Coauthor, annotate, and peer review content
  • Assign DOIs to all content types
  • Push incremental and negative findings to open access preprint servers and peer reviewed journal
  • Update content at all stages with archiving and version control
  • Upvote colleagues’ valuable postings and comments
  • Live chat when logged in
  • Video conferencing


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