Sponsored Projects: ICOR

ICOR is a community-based organization connecting projects that contribute to a growing library of evidence, standards, and best practices. The governing group seeks funds and assists projects in evidence-based project design, refining and promoting what works on a practical scale.

Strategizing ICOR’s Mission

The ICOR Circle of Strategists has been meeting since 2020 to identify policies, tools and practices that will challenge the status quo of closed research by (1) producing evidence of the benefits of open and collaborative research with real world implementations (2) addressing issues of non reproducibility and paucity of innovation, and (3) de-emphasizing high-impact publication as the primary means of career advancement. Opportunities were articulated for change throughout the research cycle, focusing on synchronicity and practical, reproducible implementation projects.

Opening ICOR to the community began in 2022 with the following mission statement:

To enable and incentivize an open and collaborative research culture by strategizing, connecting and implementing projects that seek to change the status quo of competition throughout the research cycle. To build a body of evidence and case studies on the impact of projects that facilitate collaborative open research, and to demonstrate how these practices, tools, metrics and incentives address the larger objective of finding innovative solutions to complex, real-world problems.

ICOR’s Community-based Core Initiatives

  • Register projects and connect them to opportunities defined in the research cycle
  • Build coalition between initiatives in the same arena and create ‘solution spaces’
  • Help projects adopt an experimental design that permits collection and analysis of results
  • Communicate results, trends and gaps of the initiatives within the context of the research cycle and a new culture of openness
  • Build and catalog the body of evidence for open scholarship as a means of more reproducible and innovative outcomes
  • Demonstrate practical methodologies that enable, incentivize and reward open and collaborative research

See highlights and videos of ICOR’s latest community meetings, detailing speakers’ projects and lively Q&A.

Visit ICOR’s website to register your project, volunteer to build community, and suggest topics or host public meetings.