Sponsored Projects: Stratos

Stratos builds and connects open science initiatives into a successful movement that accelerates collaboration and earlier research outcomes.

The Work

Stratos assists partnering organizations with strategic planning, analysis of workflow and infrastructure needs, implementation and project management, and adopting or building technology. The work draws upon a wide network of experienced and talented people including strategic consultants, financial analysts, designers, product managers, software architects and engineers, and project managers.

Implemenation and Growth

Working with a wide array of projects including journals, funding entities and universities, Stratos has delivered results focused on project planning, timelines and budget, identifying and securing appropriate partners, recruiting staff and contractors, and producing sustainability plans that involve managing technology builds and integrations. Results are delivered on time and on budget.

Kristen Ratan founded Stratos in 2019 to connect open research ideas and initiatives into a movement. She has a 20+ year history working to accelerate advances in science and research communication. She started the ICOR strategic circle, co-founded the Collaborative Knowledge Foundation (Coko), and was the Publisher at the Public Library of Science (PLOS). Kristen is executive director of Rapid Science and serves on its board as well as the boards of the ASAPbio, Rapid Science, and the American Institute of Physics Publishing. Her extensive network as an advisory board member includes DataSeer, Stencila, PREreview and Invest in Open Infrastructure.